1. Choose Your Resource(s) Before starting this activity, visit the Network Devi

1. Choose Your Resource(s)
Before starting this activity, visit the Network Devi

1. Choose Your Resource(s)
Before starting this activity, visit the Network Devices, OSI, & TCP/IP Models Resources page. There, you can find some suggested readings and resources to select from. It might be helpful for you to create a chart to select the most suitable option(s) for yourself. One option is to create a chart that lists different network devices, what they do, how they work, what they look like, and the OSI model layer they belong to. Another chart could have the OSI and TCP/IP models in separate columns, and a third column with a list of the protocols each layer uses. You can use the Network Devices and Models Chart Excel Download Network Devices and Models Chart Exceltemplate provided, or create your own.
2. Draft Your Content
No matter what method of communication you choose to share your knowledge, it must contain elements that:
Describe network devices and how they operate (be sure to include a hub, switch, router, server, firewall, access point, and cable modem).
Describe the difference between the OSI and TCP/IP models.
Describe protocols within the TCP/IP model.
Describe at which layer of the TCP/IP model each network device operates.
3. Choose Your Medium to Present Your Knowledge
Finally, choose one of the following mediums to share your knowledge. Your content should be:
Concise: Brief and to the point, avoiding overly complex sentences.
Informative: Each topic should convey a key idea or fact.
Relevant: Directly related to the overall topic.
Engaging: Interesting for the audience, possibly including questions or thought-provoking statements.
Structured: Logically ordered to build understanding or make a persuasive argument.
Technical Report
Write a technical report (paper) and upload the file.
In your paper, succinctly address the following aspects, all within a structured narrative:
Do not write in a strict question-and-answer format. Instead, present the information in essay form through coherent paragraphs.
The paper should be typed and double-spaced.
Detail the operation of various network devices such as hubs, switches, routers, servers, firewalls, access points, and cable modems.
Contrast the OSI and TCP/IP models, emphasizing their structural differences.
Discuss the protocols within the TCP/IP model and their functions.
Align each network device with the corresponding layer in the TCP/IP model.
Use diagrams or tables where appropriate to visually represent relationships and processes, enhancing the clarity of your explanations.
Links that could help
OSI Model
TCP/IP Model
Both OSI and TCP/IP Models

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