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1. Introduction to the Drug: What drug are you going to study (cocaine – powdere

1. Introduction to the Drug:
What drug are you going to study (cocaine – powdered, rock)?
Why is it worth studying (Why cocaine and not ecstasy)? +
2. Historical Background of the Drug:
What is the history of the drug (heroin and military use)?
Types of usage (religious, medical – alcohol and weddings)?
* 3. Positive and Negative Effects of the Drug:
• What are the good and bad points about the drug?
Tobacco: addictive, not addictive, generates tax revenue?
* 4. Conclusion and Opinion of the Drug:
What do the findings conclude overall about the drug?
What is your opinion about the drug (is it a really dangerous drug, should it be legalized, should it be taxed, or prohibited)?
* 5. Reference Section: (Sources Used)
List all the references or sources you used to write the paper in a standard format of your choice (ASA, MLA, or APA).
Knowles, Gordon J. 1999. Gambling, Drugs, and Sex: New Drugs Trends and Addictions in Honolulu, Hawaii. Sociological Practice: A Journal of Clinical and Applied Sociology.
The paper needs to have eight to ten references or sources.
Sources for the paper can be journal articles, internet sites, interviews, books, newspaper stories, or television programs (photos, graphs, or images).

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