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1. Some politicians have called for us to return to the gold standard. Other

1. Some politicians have called for us to return to the gold standard. Others say we should stick with our managed floating exchange rate system. What are the benefits and difficulties of both?
2. Should the US use a fixed monetary policy, similar to the one established at the Bretton Wood Accord, or stay with our current managed floating monetary policy? Why?
3. Some individuals have said that in response to the 2008-2010 financial crisis we should have used a tight monetary policy and let the banks fail since it has resulted in such a long period of recession, rather than using a liberal monetary policy and quantitative easing. Which would you recommend and why?
4. The IMF was established to try to avoid a repetition of the financial chaos found after two world wars through a combination of discipline and flexibility. Is the New Development Bank an appropriate alternative to the IMF?
5. The top target for hackers are financial institutions and hospitals, using tools stolen from the National Security Agency (NSA). How has the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) increased vulnerability?
6. The vision behind bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, is to have a globally accepted means of payment outside the control, restrictions, and protections of any state or financial institution. It represents a rejection of government-guaranteed money and bank-controlled payments. So, how are cryptocurrencies controlled?
7. Since purchase and sales of cryptocurrencies generally happen through exchanges, does this pose a threat to those desiring anonymity or wanting to launder funds?
8. Why are many critics of bitcoin nonetheless intrigued by the blockchain technology that undergirds it?

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