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1. The collapse of the Roman Empire raises interesting questions about the role

1. The collapse of the Roman Empire raises interesting questions about the role of government and large institutions in human societies. Discuss three effects of Rome’s collapse on western civilization after 476CE.
2. What is feudalism, its social/class structure, and how did it work?
3. Can the Middle Ages be considered an innovative period of history? Why or why not?
As you begin this assignment, you must consider time management. Pace your work out over the module period and follow a schedule you set for yourself. For example:
Read the assigned textbook section and take notes.
Review any posted materials/lectures and take notes.
Think about the question to answer and research/review primary and additional secondary source materials.
Review the example of a research paper and take note of its structure and format.
Formulate a beginning thesis statement (or two) and start writing a draft.
Sleep on it. Come back to your work later and edit.
Write a full draft, sleep on it again, and have someone read it for you, and ask them to offer suggestions.
Clean up/edit, rewrite the draft and submit the final essay for grading.
Thesis statement is made somewhere in the first paragraph.
Begin your thesis statement as “This essay will argue……” or “This essay will describe”…. Or something similar that makes the point of your essay clear.
Minimum of three sources. One is the textbook. One is a primary source. The third (or more) are the materials posted in the module for you to review/watch/read. Other secondary sources are located in our library databases such as Academic Search Complete or Project Muse. You will cite these sources in a bibliography at the end of your essay.
DO NOT cite internet sources unless the source meets rigorous and specific criteria. You may only cite an internet source if it is an official government or academic site or archive, or a major and reliable newspaper/media source, or as a specific primary source used to argue your thesis.
Use quotes from proper sources to make your point. For example: According to Pvt. William Smith who fought in the Battle of Gettysburg, “the men charged up Culp’s Hill with great bravery in the face of enemy fire.” Or, According to the 1860 United States Census, there were more than four million enslaved people in the country at the beginning of the Civil War. Your quote will be referenced in footnotes or in endnotes.
Pictures, images, and art/sketches are allowed. Source must be cited.
Use only MLA or Chicago formatting.
Word count between 600-1200 words (not including the bibliography).
Be specific when you make a declarative statement. Avoid empty generalizations. An example of a generalization is, “Many people were affected by the economic depression.” Or, “The weather made things very hard for people.” Always back up your statements with specific events, dates, names, details, and data. Remember: EVIDENCE!
Source Finder: https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/sbook.asp

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