1)Learn about transferable skills and the importance of communicating these skil

1)Learn about transferable skills and the importance of communicating these skil

1)Learn about transferable skills and the importance of communicating these skills for your post-university goals. Ensure you have a solid understanding of what they are and how they can be communicated at an individual level.
2)Each student should individually complete the Transferable Skills Inventory-Activity Sheet (Found in Module 2, Week 1). This entails writing a short reflection (with prompts) on how these skills have been acquired. Upon completion, the group members should meet to share the transferable skills they’ve identified as having. Share and discuss similarities, differences, and gaps in skills amongst the group members.
3)determine the six transferable skills that you would like to highlight to represent your group in the Asset Map. Each transferable skill must be identified, defined (with a citation), and then a detailed example given of how group member(s) have acquired that transferable skill. Please ensure that:
a.Each group member must have at least one transferable skill highlighted.
b.Transferable skills may be represented by examples from more than one group member
4)Decide on the Asset Map format. The Map itself can be represented in many different formats ( Prepare both PowerPoint Presentation, and ms word .). Each group member should be responsible for their own transferable skill example(s) in the format chosen by the group. Determine roles and responsibilities for each group member to contribute to the overall Asset Map completion, including but not limited to: group communication, meeting coordination, editing, scripting, designing, and more.
5)Finalize your group Asset Map and prepare for a brief (5 minutes) group presentation during class on October 24, 2023.
Grading Criteria (30%)
This group assignment will be graded as follows:
1. Group Asset Map (25%)
i.The introduction must include an introduction to each group member and a group statement/perspective on the importance of understanding transferable skills for their personal and professional development (3 points)
b.Transferable Skills
i.Six transferable skills must be defined and cited.
ii.Each skill/competency identified must be accompanied with an example from at least one group member of how they acquired and continue to refine those transferable skills through real-life examples (12 points)
i.The overall Asset Map is well designed/curated/produced; it provides descriptive examples of transferable skill achievements by group members. The writing/script is polished and proofread, with no spelling or editing errors. The overall design/production value is creative, yet professional and utilizes a clear, concise, and organized way of displaying/presenting the information, uses images or other visual queues to convey message. (10 points)

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