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______________________________ Full-Sentence Outline with Reference List: Studen

Full-Sentence Outline with Reference List: Students are tasked with preparing their presentation in outline format before they speak. It must be typed, full-sentence, and must use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence as its persuasive organizational pattern. Legibility and coherence will be assessed as well as formatting. The outline must be formatted correctly using APA style for in-text citations and the bibliography with a minimum of 6 sources cited on both (outline and bib.).
Need help with in-text citations?
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Need help with understanding the basics of formatting your References List page using APA style?
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Use this guide as a general overview then select the exact type of citation assistance in the left hand menu.
Need help with understanding how to specifically cite electronic sources on your APA Reference List page
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Here is an example of a Persuasive Outline
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using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence that is formatted using APA style in-text citations as well as the References page.
Click here to see a video of how to set up a document for outlining:
Research: Students are required to incorporate a minimum of 6 authoritative and diverse sources by searching through the NCTC school library, the NCTC online library database, electronic media, interviews, and the internet.
You should branch out with your sources. Sources must meet credibility requirements. Use the NCTC database. Evaluate your Google found sources
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using the SCRAAP test carefully.
Verbally cite all 6 sources in your speech as you use the information. When citing a source, you must give us enough information for the source to seem credible. For instance, “According to a 2017 article in the Wall Street Journal…” or “In his groundbreaking book, Attitudes Towards History, the famous rhetorician, Kenneth Burke states…”

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