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A marketing plan is the main document through which the strategic planning proce

A marketing plan is the main document through which the strategic planning process takes place within the marketing function of an organization. It assesses the current situation faced by the brand, and proposes future actions that will accomplish goals of the brand. This assignment will be to construct a marketing plan for a brand of your choice. The brand used could be a national consumer goods brand (e.g., Monster), a local retail brand (e.g., RAK Outfitters), a service provider, a non-profit, or anything in between. The sections of the marketing plan can be found on p. 57 of the textbook in Table 2.2. There is also an example plan in Appendix 1 on p. 603. For portions of the current marketing situation section, the library’s subscriptions to IBISWorld and Plunkett’s Research Online have been helpful to previous students. From www.daltonstate.edu, click on library/GALILEO/browse by subject/business and economics/marketing and you’ll find both resources in the list. The plan should take the following organization (see Table 2.2 for more complete descriptions):
Current Marketing Situation:
Market description (1/2 page minimum) market/industry size and structure, trends.
Product review (1/2 page minimum) list of products of company/brand, and a discussion of how each product/brand is positioned within its product category.
Review of competition (1/2 page minimum) discuss major competitors and relative market share, also consider substitutes—other product categories that might serve as competitors.
Review of distribution (1/2 page minimum) discuss the brand’s distribution strategy and intermediaries in the market
SWOT Analysis (1 page minimum text, plus include the SWOT diagram in table form) [note that Table 2.2 doesn’t seem to cover strengths and weaknesses—I think this might be an error in the textbook] emphasize definitions of SWOT items, at least 2-3 items in each category (more items are better)
Marketing Plan Objective and Marketing Strategy (1/2 page minimum for these items combined)—here, I recommend focusing on one key objective you would like to see the organization/brand accomplish. Use some model to support your objective, for example hierarchy of effects, buyer readiness stages, Boston Consulting Group, product-market expansion grid (PMEG). The objective is what you hope to accomplish, which the strategy describes how you will accomplish that objective—what about this objective will add value to the brand’s consumers? Note that this is your recommendation for what they should do in the future.
Action programs (1 page minimum)—For this section, think in terms of the 4 Ps and try to be creative. For instance, if your goal is to increase sales, then advertising, personal selling, or social media marketing might be used (the promotion P), If differentiating the product or retail offering from competitors is the goal, then you might recommend changing the product sold or adding ancillary services to increase the value of the augmented product (the product P). Detail specific methods, product changes, message strategies, etc. and discuss each of the 4 Ps.
Budget (1/2 page minimum)—For this section, outline broadly the items that will represent anticipated cost categories for implementing the plan. You do not need to include specific costs, but merely identify items that will represent costs (for example, if you suggest increasing advertising for the product/organization, you’d want to include the costs associated with developing the ad campaign and the costs associated with running the advertisements).
Format: Use double spacing, 1-inch margins, and 12 point font. Important: please use section headings for each of the above sections. Here’s a checklist of all the items that needed to be covered in your Marketing Plan.
Current Marketing Situation
-Market description
-Product review
-Review of competition
-Review of distribution
SWOT Analysis (including diagram)
Marketing Plan Objective & Marketing Strategy
Action Programs

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