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A Tale of O Note: the following format will be required in all your submissions.

A Tale of O
Note: the following format will be required in all your submissions.
You are expected to reply
with more than a few sentences in a manner expected at the graduate level courses.
No verbatim
sections (with quotes) will be given credit for content. Although it may not be noted, please be
advised that grammar and spelling are included in the overall subjective assessment of your
Format: Times New Roman 12 Font, double spaced Page
Page 1 = Title Page (APA Style)- Page 1 of all your submissions
must be a title page.
Submit in WORD format in order to be graded.
A Tale of O Instructions
Step 1: Review the video. Video Length: 9 minutes 30 seconds but the video stops at 9 minutes.
I suggest stopping the video between 8 minutes 30 seconds and 9 minutes.

Step 2: Please respond to
the following questions.
Please review grading criteria for more detailed information. Replies
should include (1) key terminology, not common language please.
1. Recall a time when you were in a situation where you felt out of place. Perhaps you were the
only male, female, international student, the only fair skinned, the only dark skinned, the
youngest, the oldest, or some other characteristic that set you apart and made you feel
different/similar to the O in the video. What types of worries, doubts, or frustrations did you
experience? Did you experience mostly positive or negative emotions? Minimum word count:
350-380 minimum word count.
2. Think about what it must be like to be an O in an organization full of Xs. How might it affect
one’s ability to get their job done, stress level, friendships at work, level of trust at work, desire
to stay in the organization, and advancement possibilities? Minimum word count – 350-380
minimum word count.
3. Do you think the Xs understand the situation that the Os are in? 250-minimum word count
4. Do the Xs ever become envious of the attention that the Os are receiving? 250-minimum
word count
5. What can organizations do to be more supportive of Os?
250-minimum word count
Grading Criteria:
All other requirements met (APA, etcetera), 20 points per fully answered question, which should
include: at least one key bolded terminology (from Module 1 readings). Replies should be
coherent. Replies not meeting the minimum required word count will not be graded. It is
important to articulate thoughts and responses at the graduate level.
Minimum – one key term (please bold) per reply. No bold -5 points.
Late Assignments: one day late – 20 points, thereafter, an additional 10 daily points.

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