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agree or disagree with the person’s discussion post. cite the textbook (at the

agree or disagree with the person’s discussion post.
cite the textbook (at the

agree or disagree with the person’s discussion post.
cite the textbook (at the bottom of the page)
I will include the link to the textbook and the readings of the chapters relevant to this discussion.
my discussion post is linked to the files.
“As mentioned in the text, more people are statistically afraid of speaking before an audience than dying (Lucas, S. 2023); how I view myself as a speaker depends on two major factors: the topic and the audience. The critical factors for the topic are my familiarity and interest. For example, if I feel like an authority on a subject, such as childcare, I am very comfortable presenting my ideas or sharing information. Much experience makes me feel “expertly” and confident. Similarly, it is easier to speak about if it is a passionate topic. However, if it is an assigned topic, I have little connection with it and struggle. I wonder if it is based purely on research. I would be worried if I knew enough; for example, I would worry about counterpoints or objections from the audience I may have missed or need to prepare for. As far as the audience is concerned, as the saying goes, familiarity builds comfort. If I have an audience of peers or other people I am fleetingly familiar with, presenting a speech comes relatively quickly. However, having an audience of unknowns enhances my unease and may make me lose confidence.
During the reading, I have noticed some pointers that will help me further with my comfort level in these situations. First, professional attire. Professional clothing such as a pantsuit or a lovely dress makes me feel more like someone who knows their material. In addition, a crucial part of my preparation is having well-written notes beforehand. Having something concrete to fall back on definitely reassures me. Finally, I am working on a more positive outlook. I frequently approach new situations with a negative mindset. “I do not want to do this” or “This is stupid” may be defensive thoughts that keep me from achieving my goals. Discussing this feeling with my friend has helped me to reevaluate this approach. Now, I try to re-shape my thoughts into “I will enjoy this more once I get started” or “I will find something I can get passionate about” to stay more motivated, which in turn helps me when I deliver speech content.
CW – 354
Lucas, S. (2023). The art of public speaking. Mcgraw-Hill.”
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