Aim of assessment: This assessment enables students to generate an integrative p

Aim of assessment:
This assessment enables students to generate an integrative p

Aim of assessment:
This assessment enables students to generate an integrative professional portfolio to demonstrate the experience, ongoing professional development, and reflection on the experience gained in the Capstone Subject.
Relevant integrative professional portfolio that includes a critical reflection – ensure you read the instructions before you submit to Turnitin.
The final portfolio assessment is a synthesis of everything you have done throughout the project – it is NOT just a rewrite of your assessments and will include –
An introduction that includes a clear outline of your project and the aims of the capstone experience
Why you did your project and a full evaluation outlining what worked and what did not work including limitations with supporting references and outline how your project may have changed or evolved and why?
You will include a self-assessment statement in relation to individual learning outcomes developed at the beginning of the subject and clearly written SMART goals and whether these have been met or not.
Include what you have learnt along the way based on learnings from the Masters subjects studied.
Include and write up how you met your timelines or not?
You will briefly outline any feedback you have been given (including feedback from your assessments and peer review feedback from your presentations) about your project and outline how you incorporated this feedback or not into your project?
You will include copies of all signed peer reviews with your portfolio
You will include a critical reflection utilising the chosen framework of your choice (eg Gibbs, Rolfe, Kolb) and based on your journal that you have kept since commencing this project
You have clearly analysed the capstone experience and supported your findings with literature Include your recommendations and plans for the future regarding your project
Provide a clear conclusion in your portfolio
Ensure references are used to support your project (a minimum of 10 peer reviewed journal articles less than 5 years old are expected) – some of these will be new references to support your critical reflection and full evaluation. If you cite policies ensure they are based in NSW (or applicable to the state or country your project was undertaken) or Australia wide and current – do not use outdated policies
Ensure your portfolio references are APA 7 style. Ensure you have checked your grammar and spelling

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