Application Discussion Board This is your final discussion board activity that i

Application Discussion Board
This is your final discussion board activity that i

Application Discussion Board
This is your final discussion board activity that is not part of the module points. As stated in the syllabus, you will have various discussion board activities that will be based on current events, analysis of scientific articles, podcast reflections and more in order to apply what you are learning in this class to your daily life. This discussion board is worth a total of 15 points and will go towards the application discussion board activities points category.
What will you do:
This discussion board is one of your application discussions and will not count towards your module points. You will have two weeks to complete both parts of the discussion.
For this activity you will be listening to a podcast episode of your choice and answering the questions below. One of the hosts of this podcast is an author you have already read this semester, Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson. Her cohost is popular journalist Alex Blumberg. They have a variety of guest speakers and episodes where they unpack many ocean science related topics, discuss a variety of solutions to combat climate change. There are episodes that they debate various policies and political proposals, please feel free to explore these if you feel inclined.
Navigate to this website: to an external site.
Choose any episode that either they have recorded or an episode from another podcast that they feature on their page.
Listen to the episode and answer the questions below.
If you feel very strongly that you do not wish to listen to one of these episodes, you are welcome to explore another podcast for this assignment. Please look critically at the sources for the podcast and be sure you choose a show/episode that is sound in data-supported science. Feel free to run it by me if you would like help confirming if it is a good option. Science is not political and there is a lot of misinformation that appears as truth.
Personal Reply (10 pts):
What episode did you listen to?
Why did you choose this episode? (If you chose another podcast, please tell me why you chose this podcast and tell me a little more about how they cite their sources, what their backgrounds are, etc.)
Summarize the main points of the episode you chose in 3-4 sentences. Try to not include your opinion of the episode at this time.
What were your two main takeaways after listening to the episode? Are there any topics/conversations you wish to explore further after hearing their discussion? Share some of your concluding thoughts. This is where you can share your opinion or overall thoughts.
You will have to post your own reply before you can see what your peers have written.
Peer Replies (5 points)
Here is your chance to interact with your peers. Reply to your peers posts and let them know what you think of their answer. Did you listen to the same episode? Did you listen to a different episode? Did you find anything interesting about what they wrote about? Do you agree with their thoughts and perspective? Do you disagree? WHY?
Please respond to 2-3 of your peers posts. Make sure your responses are thoughtful and grounded in scientific evidence, part of the points for the peer replies will be based on the thoughtfulness of your response. Show me you thought about it and debated both sides of this topic with yourself before replying to your peers!
Netiquette:Please remember to use proper netiquette here and be kind to one another, even in disagreement. Please reference the netiquette page and the rules for discussion board responses in the orientation module.
You will have two weeks to complete this discussion board. This discussion board assignment will be included in Module 6b and Module 6c. I recommend splitting up the work and doing your personal replies during week one and your peer replies during week two.

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