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As an HRM student your knowledge may allow you to progress through the various p

As an HRM student your
knowledge may allow you to progress through the various positions of the
profession, quite possibly into management and/or leadership positions where
you may guide others into and through the profession. In doing so, the
knowledge you gained about human resources will be highly prized.
For this assignment,
assume you are the Human Resource Manager for a large organization. The Chief
Human Resource Officer has tasked you with creating a video for new hires,
specifically to educate and train them on how best to make decisions within the
organization. This is a tremendous opportunity for you and human resources to
broaden your contributions to the organization. In this 7- to 9-minute video
that you create, address all of the following questions:
why decisions can be so complex and convoluted in a larger organization.
the factors that should be considered before recommending or determining
the decision.
propose a decision-making process that members in your organization should
consider, and utilize, in order to make the right decision at the right
time and for the right reasons.
explain any impediments that may impact the success of this process in the
Submission Requirements
3-4 page Essay in APA 7th edition.
You must reference at least 3 scholarly citations within your
assignment e.g., “According to” or “In a recent survey by _____”
The assignment is a presentation rather than an assignment, so
ensure that you are positive and encouraging in addition to informative.
Other than the essay, include a formal reference page that
details those references used in the creation of this assignment formatted and
cited in accordance with APA style.
You cannot use Wikipedia,
only credible sources such as:
o A
scholarly or peer-reviewed journal article.
o A
government-based website or publication.
o A trade
or industry journal article, publication, or website, including those from
trade organizations such as SHRM.org and TD.org.

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