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As you have learned, this course employs a targeted approach to measuring your m

As you have learned, this course employs a targeted approach to measuring your mastery of the course competencies. One of your competency projects for this course is the creation of a policy position presentation. The final product will be submitted in Module Eight.
Those working in public policy must be able to clearly articulate policy positions and understand the positions and perspectives of multiple stakeholders. Mastering this competency will provide you with a set of skills and insights needed to add significant value in the policy development process.
In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course competency:  Analyze the impact of public policy on finance, programs, and organizations
For this project, you will be provided with a policy that has been heavily influenced by recent societal events to determine how it has been influenced by and influences finance, programs, and organizations. You will take on one of the various roles of the public to analyze this policy and then present your analysis from the same stakeholder viewpoint. First, read the policy thoroughly. Then address the critical elements and corresponding questions by creating a PowerPoint presentation from the viewpoint of the role assigned. To determine your assigned role, review the chart below.

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