Assessment 1.2 Journal Reflection 1350 words

Assessment 1.2 Journal Reflection 1350 words

Assessment 1.2 Journal Reflection 1350 words
The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate your increased understanding of trauma and trauma informed practice.
I suggest that you keep a journal and each week make some notes about the points below that were relevant to the weekly content
Your journal must include strong reflection on personal learning throughout the course and links to course content and wider reading.
1. Reflection on learning based on course content and wider reading
Personal takeaways from the course
Understanding the importance of trauma-informed practice in social work practice
Acknowledge the impact of trauma on individuals and communities
2. Implications for Practice
How the course has influenced your approach to working with clients
Ways in which trauma-informed practice can improve client outcomes
Identify areas for growth and improvement in your own practice
3. Applying Trauma-Informed practice
Strategies for implementing trauma-informed practice in the workplace
Tips for educating colleagues about the importance of trauma-informed practice
Identify potential barriers to implementation and ways to overcome them
4. Continuing Education and Support
Resources for ongoing learning and professional development in trauma-informed practice
Reflect on ways to stay informed and engaged in trauma informed practice
Identify support systems and resources available to continue to improve my practice in this area.

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