Assessment Task – Summary The assignment for this module includes One component:

Assessment Task – Summary The assignment for this module includes One component:

Assessment Task – Summary The assignment for this module includes One component:
Component 1 – Essay (4000-words)
You are required to prepare a 4000-words essay in relation to management principles, organisational aims, performance management and economic principles and commercial awareness following the scenario provided below.
Assessment Task – Detailed Instructions
In the context of this assignment, you are working as a Junior Commercial Manager for a medium sized company named GBS Construction. GBS Construction aims to build a series of affordable houses located outside of the M25 in London. You have been tasked to prepare a small “manual” to support the recruitment and training of Apprentices to fulfil the organisation’s needs in the near future.
The manual would consist of a total of 4000 words containing the following sections:
1. A Cover Page with the title of the manual (which is the title of the essay) and your details.
2. The Context of the Organisation – You will need to describe the aim and objectives of the organisation. Elements provided in this section would be those of research undertaken while investigating similar examples of medium size construction companies in the UK. You would draw information regarding the aims and objectives of those organisations and apply them to GBS Construction (approx. 500 words).
3. A discussion of one of the selected topics provided below. Choose one of the following topic areas related to GBS Construction, and highlight the importance of the topic for the Apprentices in the manual (approx. 1500 words):
I.Performance management: Discuss some of the main key performance indicators (KPIS) used in the Construction Industry, which can also be used by GBS Construction to measure the performance of their projects. Explain how each of the KPI mentioned can be measured to control a Construction Project.
II.Economic principles that influence the Construction Industry in the UK: Identify the current and future commercial principles in relation to fair trade and fair economy used in the UK and describe how these could potentially affect the way a Construction company such as GBS Construction operate.
III.Commercial awareness and procurement process: If you were involved in building affordable houses as part of GBS Construction, explain how the project would potentially be funded, what types of suitable tendering methods would be used, and what types of procurement methods would be suitable for the project. Provide the rationales behind your answers.
IV.Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) strategies: Describe the benefits of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) strategies used by Construction companies such as GBS Construction.
4. A discussion of the remaining three topics. Choose the three remaining topic areas above that you did not previously select and provide a summary of how each topic will benefit the Apprentices in their daily roles working along the Construction Manager as Construction Manager Assistants for GBS Construction (approx. 1500 words).
5. A Conclusion. Provide a Conclusion of approximately 500 words.
Learning outcomes
By successful completion of the module, you will be able to:
1. Highlight the process of achieving organisational aims and the performance management process.
2. Understand economic principles and commercial awareness in the construction industry.
3. Understand the finance development used for construction projects and the common procurement and
tendering processes.
4. Understand the ethics and professionalism used within the construction industry environment.

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