Assignment 2 – A Classical Argument: Debunking a Myth For this assignment, you

Assignment 2 – A Classical Argument: Debunking a Myth
For this assignment, you

Assignment 2 – A Classical Argument: Debunking a Myth
For this assignment, you will debunk, dispute, or disprove a hoax, conspiracy theory, or incorrectly held common belief. Examples could be political (like the conspiracies behind the JFK assassination) or medical (you can cure diseases with essential oils) or any inaccurate belief some people hold (such as why some people believe in ghosts). Other suggestions are below.
The audience is a general audience that includes people who believe the myth is true.
Assignment Instructions
For this assignment, you will compose a Classical Argument essay with a strong thesis statement. Your thesis statement, or claim, will be what you have come to believe is the real explanation for the phenomenon in question based on your research. You will provide any appropriate context to make sure the reader understands the hoax, conspiracy, or myth you are debunking, and tell why it may have originated. Defend your claim with supporting reasons and evidence in several coherent body paragraphs. You will also address opposing viewpoints. Finish with a strong conclusion.
You are required to use four sources for this assignment. The sources can be anything you want (photo, audio, map, article, website, video, interview, survey, census, data, graphs, etc.). You should choose the sources that have the most credibility, accuracy, and relevance to your topic. You should choose the best sources to answer your research question.
Evaluation Criteria (Rubric)
The writer has a clearly defined purpose and argument demonstrated with a strong thesis statement.
The writer illustrates the significance or importance of his or her topic.
The writer uses at least four
The writer engages responsibly and appropriately with research that he or she uses as specific evidence and examples.
The writer’s evidence supports his or her argument directly and is the best evidence for the research question the writer chose.
The writer cites his or her sources effectively using summary, paraphrase, and/or direct quotation.
The writer’s paper is succinct and tightly composed, with coherent body paragraphs.
The writer’s essay is appropriate for a general academic audience.
The writer meets the standards of clarity, accuracy, logic, significance, fairness, precision, and relevance.
The writer uses appropriate spelling, grammar, and mechanics.
The essay is in MLA format, including for the Works Cited page and overall document design.
The essay is approximately 800-1000 words (about 3-1/2 to 4 pages double-spaced).
Other Writing Ideas
A myth is an idea that many people believe, but that is not true. For this assignment, you will select a widely held belief and compose a researched argument showing that the belief is not true. Here are some examples of widely held beliefs for which ample evidence to the contrary exists:
Most highly successful people skipped college.
Vaccines cause autism.
Women are more emotional and men are more logical.
Global warming is a natural occurrence that will not affect human life.
Physical punishment of children is effective.
Man never really reached the moon in 1969. The first moon landing was staged.
The US government is hiding an alien found at Roswell, NM.
COVID-19 conspiracy theories such as the 5G theory (and others).
The belief that the Earth is flat.
You might also explore an “unsolved mystery.” For example, “Who killed Tupac and Biggie?” or “Is there life on other planets, and if so, why haven’t we met them yet?” or “Is Bigfoot/Sasquatch real?” or “Is the Florida Skunk Ape real?” or “Do mermaids/mermen really exist?”

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