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Assignment #2: Part A: Model of curriculum development. (SLO 4) Overview: Your g

Assignment #2: Part A: Model of curriculum development. (SLO 4)
Overview: Your g

Assignment #2: Part A: Model of curriculum development. (SLO 4)
Overview: Your goal is to create an engaging and creative presentation that analyzes and explains one of the models of curriculum development, includes your critical perspective on this model, and is supported with theory. You are submitting this presentation to compete for a contract with an online educational materials company that sells its learning products to school districts, universities, and individual teachers.
Instructions: Read Chapter 5 by Gordon & Oliva, the primary source for the model that you were assigned, and one more peer-reviewed articles on the model. Decide on the technology you will use to present the information. Some possibilities are videos, avatars, electronic posters, podcasts, or PowerPoint presentations. Challenge yourself to learn something new; PowerPoint presentations have been used for more than two decades!
Make sure you briefly locate the model in its historical context, include the historical context of the model, the political facts, prevalent ideas, and theoretical paradigms of the times for the model, describe the model, classify it as deductive or inductive, linear, or nonlinear, and prescriptive or descriptive, describe the model’s components and procedures (or steps), and describe its sources. Share your critical perspective on the model by highlighting the advantages and shortcomings of the model. Include an analysis of the space (or lack thereof) the model allocates for political/identity aspects related to equity, inclusion, and diversity. Support your ideas with theory by citing the course’s readings correctly, using APA style. The length of your presentation should be limited to the time assigned to present it. Consult your instructor about the time. Revise and edit your work. Use correct grammar and spelling. Include cover page and list of references. Use the rubric below to self-assess and improve your assignment. See the rubric.
We will have a Zoom for class presentations so as you create your presentations allot for a 5-6 minute time frame to present.
Please create a Power Point presentation for a 5-6 minute presentation. I am attaching parts of the reading about the Olivia
Model, that the presentation will represent.Please read it to its entirety. Please follow all directions and do not assume. If you have any questions please reach out.
Please review the syllabus and follow rubric. Please create a 5-6 minute power point presentation.
Requirements: minimum of 10 slides

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