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Assignment Details: Select an event and provide a situational analysis of that

Assignment Details:
Select an event and provide a situational analysis of that event’s
marketing campaign. Provide an overview of the strategy and tactical
implementation and provide a recommendation for continued growth.
Event Marketing Campaign Analysis
Situational Analysis
Event Overview & Brief History
Define the business objective of event? This should be quantifiable and often relates to financial objectives.
Who is the event organizer? Describe the organization(s) that put on the event.
How does this event help them achieve their business goals?
Describe the growth strategies the organization has used. (Ansoff Growth Matrix)
Who is/are the Target Market(s)?
Be specific and develop a consumer profile (demographic and psychographic information)
Develop a SWOT analysis for your event.
Who are their top 3 competitors?
What are the key competitive strengths for your event?
What macro environmental factors impact this event? Describe how the following factors impact this event.
Competitive forces
Economic factors
Political factors (legislation and legal considerations)
Natural factors (weather)
Demographic factors
Cultural factors
Current Marketing Strategy – define their strategy
Describe and show their Tactical implementation: Provide examples of
the promotional materials used in the campaign (ie. Print ads,
commercials, website, social media, mobile, guerrilla marketing, etc.
Provide links for digital or video examples.)
Summary of results. Provide data on revenue, attendance, media value/ROI, etc. to show growth or decline.
Rationale – Do you think this was/is an effective promotion? Why or why not?
Develop a Recommendation – What would you do differently? What
strategies would you recommend to help them grow and gain market share?
Submission Details: A robust and detailed outline is
preferred for this assignment. Single spaced, 12 point font. Be sure to
include a reference page with all source citations in APA format.

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