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Assignment: Personal Brand Assessment Assignment Goal: This assignment is design

Assignment: Personal Brand Assessment
Assignment Goal: This assignment is designed to assist students with the development of practical tools and resources for career planning.
Weekly Outcomes: At the completion of this week’s assignment, students will recognize the importance of creating a personal brand as a component of a successful career planning strategy and will identify appropriate career paths based on personality and aptitude.
Weekly Topics/Tasks: Understand what a personal brand is and take an online personality assessment tool.
Read the article entitled 10 Tips for Building a Personal Brand That Can Boost Your Career by clicking this link: 10 Tips
Take the online assessment entitled 16 Personalities which can be located at this link: NERIS Type Explorer®
This assessment will offer some insights as to what careers might suit your personality.
Take a screenshot (you may use Snipping Tool) or a photo of your page showing the assessment results (the four initials). Your screenshot should look similar to the one below, but with your results.
Upload your screenshot to the assignment folder below.
In addition, in your assessment results, click on your Type and review the information on your Strengths and Weaknesses, Career Paths, and WorkPlace Habits (can be found on the left side of your results).
In the assignment dropbox comment section, let me know what you think of the results and whether they represent your personality and possible career choices.

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