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ASSIGNMENT: Review the in-text comments and summary feedback you received on you

ASSIGNMENT: Review the in-text comments and summary feedback you received on you

ASSIGNMENT: Review the in-text comments and summary feedback you received on your Touchstone 2.2 draft to deepen and extend your analysis of your topic. Submit a revision of your Touchstone 2.2 draft that reflects the feedback. Include a copy of your Touchstone 2.2 draft below the “Think About Your Writing” questions for this unit.
A. Instructions
All writers revise their work as part of the writing process. For Touchstone 3, submit a revised version of your Touchstone 2.2 essay. The process of revising involves “re-thinking” your essay. Your revision should reflect your attention to the following:
Rhetorical situation
As you review the grader’s suggestions and feedback of your draft, evaluate how your essay can be improved in each of the areas above. Focus your attention on the areas that would benefit most from revision. You can add, delete, or move text as you revise your essay.
Note the following revision guidelines:
Do not draft a new essay on a new topic. You must revise your Touchstone 2.2 draft using the feedback provided.
Allow time between drafts so that you can see your original work from a new perspective.
Revision is different from editing and proofreading; however, be sure to edit and proofread your revised essay before you submit it.
Revise your Touchstone 2.2 essay using the revision strategies you learned in Unit 3. This revision should reflect significant changes from your first draft, and should incorporate the feedback you received on Touchstone 2.2.
B. Think About Your Writing
Include answers to all of the following reflection questions below your completed revision.
1. How much time did you spend revising your draft? Which revision strategies did you use, and which of them worked best for you? (2-3 sentences) Sophia says: A good revision takes time. This is your opportunity to re-think, rearrange, and re-evaluate your writing. Which revision strategies did you use? Do you still agree with your thesis? Do you believe that your evidence supports your thesis and that you have met the requirements of the assignment?
2. How did the revision process improve your essay? (2-3 sentences) Sophia says: Compare your draft to your revision. Have you added relevant details or removed irrelevant ones? Have you changed the order of details or paragraphs? Have you added transitions for better flow? In which ways is your revision better than your draft?
3. What did you learn about your writing process or yourself as a writer? (2-3 sentences) Sophia says: Think about the entire process of drafting and revising this essay. Did any part of the process surprise you or reveal something unexpected?

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