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Assignment Sheet Unit 2: Writing in Communities This paper, like all the major p

Assignment Sheet Unit 2: Writing in Communities
This paper, like all the major papers in this course, should draw on the readings, class discussions and shorter writings from this unit. I am looking for evidence that you have been able to synthesize and think critically about the concepts and ideas contained in this unit. Remember to keep a clear sense of your genre and purpose in mind when thinking about this assignment.
The Task:
For this project you will need to perform several tasks. 1) Create a Discourse Community analysis using Swales and/or Johns’ criteria. 2) Examine how one text/document does “work” in your chosen Community. 3) Consider the ways in which membership in this community is Identity and/or value forming/shaping.
Guiding Questions:
These are questions to get you thinking. You do not have to answer these specifically in your paper although a good paper will most likely touch on some of these.
• How does my chosen community meet Swales 6 criteria?
• What are some key texts/writings that are used in my chosen community?
• What texts/writings hold power in this community? How is that power exercised?
• How do new members gain access and become initiated in this community?
• What Gatekeeping mechanisms are present in this community?
• How has my membership in this community influenced my values and identity?
• What different kinds of content can I use in MS Sway to present my community?
Our reader always influences how we write. Therefore, it is important to know who our reader is. For all assignments your instructor is part of your audience. For this assignment specifically, you should also consider your audience to be a college educated individual who is interested in your chosen Discourse Community but who isn’t aware of Swales or the work we’ve done in this unit.
Important Due Dates:
• Unit 2 Assigned 6/9
• Rough Draft due 6/15
• Final Draft due 6/16
Technical Notes:
Length: 1500-2000 words
Font size: 11-12 pt
Margins: 1 inch (all sides)
Style Requirement: MLA, APA, or Chicago/Turabian

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