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B. Case study analysis – Maximum 1500 words For an organization of your choice d

B. Case study analysis – Maximum 1500 words
For an organization of your choice discuss the points below. The analysis should be focused on a specific area/department/section of the business to allow a detailed discussed. Be careful when defining the actual processes (manufacturing or service delivery).
1. Process design and layout analysis. Looking at the chosen case study organization or department, and with a specific focus on one product or service:
a. Present the company in a few sentences
b. Present the process map (diagram) for the product manufacturing or service delivery
c. Present the layout diagram
d. Briefly discuss the 4V and 5 Performance Objectives models as they apply to the chosen business and process. What does quality mean for that product/service?
e. Briefly discuss the technology used for the manufacturing / service delivery. Is there an impact on the 4V and 5 Performance Objectives?
f. Briefly discuss the people involved in the process (ex: organization diagram, teams, skills, flexibility)
Weight: 40% of the final mark
2. Planning and Control. Discuss the planning of the production together with the control elements. Include your opinion on whether the current approaches used are sufficient/optimal/lacking and why you think so. How is technology used for the planning and control?
Similar to the example below, using the diagrams from question 1, breakdown the process into the main operations and identify some estimated durations for each operation. Calculate the cycle time.

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