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Based on the feedback provided from your assignment: Identify Social Problems, y

Based on the feedback provided from your assignment: Identify Social Problems, y

Based on the feedback provided from your assignment: Identify Social Problems, you’ll be delving further into your analysis.
Literature Review
Keep in mind, the social issue you choose for this assignment is the same one that will be completing for the following assignments: Causes & Solutions of a Social Problem (a discussion), and the Portfolio itself. Even if we haven’t covered it in class, look over the subjects in the textbook. According to research, intrinsic motivation is linked to enhanced learning and performance (Di Domenico SI, Ryan RM, 2017: 11).
You’ll be creating a miniature literature review
An annotated bibliography is often the first step in conducting research, prior to constructing a literature review.
Find a list of three to five potential sources. They must be accredited sources. This includes; e-books, journal articles, print books, news-stories (Wikipedia or blogs are not allowed). Cite them in ASA or APA format.
If you choose, I will accept 2 sources in total that were acquired from the following external sources: NPR, Washington Post, New York Times, Reuters, Associated Press, etc. Canvas message me if you’re unsure what counts as a credible source. The resources from the Library are often the best to rely on because they have been peer-reviewed, therefore, credible. (Sources) Once you have selected your sources, you will cite them in ASA format and then provide a summary in your own words of what it entailed. Often times, I may include an excerpt (a quote) I thought was really interesting because I would include it in my final paper.
After each citation, give short overview (around 350 words) of the content of the source and how it relates to your subject of interest. This can be in a paragraph, but I prefer bullet point. You want to only have 1 direct quote, properly cited, if you deem the quote essential. The rest should be a summary of the analysis of the article that you felt was insightful and may be a good building block as you delve further into this social issue.
Once you have completed your annotation of the sources you selected, you will be tasked with constructing a cohesive two paragraph essay. It should integrate the knowledge obtained from the external sources while still voicing your stance on the social issue you have decided to investigate.

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