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Basically, it your job to provide a detailed summary and teach your assigned cha

Basically, it your job to provide a detailed summary and teach your assigned cha

Basically, it your job to provide a detailed summary and teach your assigned chapter (I WILL SEND THR CHAPTER (THE BIBLE: GENESIS (FLOOD)) TO TUTOR WHEN CHOSEN) (However, the biggest oversight for presentations tends to be students just summarizing plot details. Plot details are less important than understanding and interpretation, and remember, you also need to bring in at least 1 item of relevant additional research, based either on your author’s sources, or more recent material, to receive a top grade. Note on Primary vs. Secondary Sources: You’ll notice in the Presentation Rubric, that one of the rubric categories talks about primary and secondary sources. Basically, a primary source is the myth itself under discussion (usually, in a cultural context), and a secondary source is an interpretation, or interpretive framework for understanding it (a theory), authored by a qualified commentator. For the purposes of this course, the presentation as well as the final essay, primary and secondary do not refer to more vs. less important. They prefer to the myths themselves vs. situated interpretations of them. If you volunteered for one of the textbook chapters (MINE IS A TEXTBOOK CHAPTER) your job is a bit easier at the start because your chapter likely lays out a clear coordination of primary sources (myths discussed) and secondary sources (interpretations used to engage them). If you choose to do an Open topic / independent project, then you have a bit more leg-work to do at the start, because we have to get you set-up with primary source myths and possibly also secondary sources depending on topic.
1. Each student is expected prepare a power-point presentation (10-12 slides). To earn a passing grade each presentation must not only showcase specific myths from a given world culture (myths being considered “primary sources”), it must also be equally, if not more so, focused on engagement with 1-2 scholarly approaches, either from the textbook, or from chapters in monographs or edited volumes, which constitute a theoretical approach to your chosen myth(s). These are “secondary sources”
2. Your presentation post should include: a. the presentation itself in PPT or PDF file format. NOT a googleslides link, and not any other format, because links often end up needing permission, and other formats than PPT and PDF are very often unopenable for many students. Whatever application you used to make the presentation in, there is always an easy way to export and download it into a PPT or PDF version. Learn how to use it!
3. Your main post should have, in addition to the PPT or PDF file, notes ‘as if presenting’ with a slide by slide breakdown, and any situating remarks or lines of questioning. These should be cut and paste into your main post in this forum, not in a separate file.Students should NOT have to open 2 files to study your work.
4.IMPORTANT: Presenters, you must also upload ALL PRESENTATION MATERIALS (PPT & Notes, or just the A/V link or file) into the Student Presentation Upload Link to receive a grade.
(Each category worth 2 points: 2, 1.5, 1, .5, 0)
Core Content: The presentation is on material that is highly relevant to our course’s subject matter. It states its theoretical orientations/perspectives clearly. It demonstrates sufficient time researching, thinking about, & refining connections. It is well polished and poses interesting questions or points of clarification to the material. It utilizes online or other resources where appropriate to deepen context and understanding. It presents an adequate array of information, citation, & explanation (i.e. it has high educational value).
Exemplary Good Average Poor Neglected
2. Visuality/Formatting: The presentation is visually appealing, well-formatted, and/or effective. It utilizes diverse modalities of presentation as appropriate (i.e. powerpoint slides with visuals, verbal clarification, & audio-visual supplements if applicable, etc.).
All citations are obvious and well-explained, both in the presentation itself, and verbally. There is a complete Works Cited&Works Consultedat the close of the presentation.
Exemplary Good Average Poor Neglected
Research Requirement 1: The presentation provides a summary anddiscussion of at least 1 primary text within our field of study. The topics/materials were approved by the instructor. If based on pre-assigned chapters or other course materials, the presentation demarcates primary sources and secondary interpretations within the assigned material.
Exemplary Good Average Poor Neglected
Research Requirement 2: The presentation engages significantly with at least 1 secondary text, usually a book or article, that engages with that primary text directly. If based on pre-assigned chapters or other course materials, the presentation goes beyond the assigned material by including and explaining at some additional relevant research.
Exemplary Good Average Poor Neglected
Criticality &Creativity. Beyond demonstrating sufficient work ethic (above), the presentation demonstrates significant critical and creative thought, both in regards to the meaning and value of the material studied in the context of our course, & more broadly.
Exemplary Good Average Poor Neglected

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