Below are instructions to complete Assessment 3: Research Problem Task B. Please

Below are instructions to complete Assessment 3: Research Problem Task B.

Below are instructions to complete Assessment 3: Research Problem Task B.
Please read through the document and be confident to say:
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Assessment Background
Psychologists need to understand research design and statistics for several reasons – from developing of new therapy techniques to evaluating the effectiveness of established therapies to understanding attitudes and motivations of particular groups. Research allows us to make contributions to the field of psychology. Statistics allows us to make sense of and interpret information around us.
An important part of our training and education in Psychology is to write research reports. The purpose of a research report (also known as lab reports) is to communicate to others the important points of a piece of research: (i) why you did it, (ii) how you did it, (iii) what you found and (iv) what you think it means.
In psychology, we follow a particular standard format (which is the APA 7 style). There are two reasons for doing this:
1) Ease of communication – it is easier to find information from a study if it is written in a standard format
2) The format makes it clear what information is important for scientific communication.
Hopefully, by doing this assignment, you accomplish the following learning objectives:
To become better informed consumers of research
To be sufficiently prepared for the further upskilling required by honours level research and statistics subjects
What is your task?
Your task is to complete the rest of the research report and submit it. Use the information provided to write sections of a paper for publication including:
The Results section should report the results of:
Descriptive statistics.
Inferential statistics.
The Discussion section should report:
An interpretation of the results considering the research and hypotheses presented in the Introduction.
Relating of research findings to the literature.
Strengths and limitations of the study.
Recommendations for future research in the area.
Add any references for any additional authors that you cited in the report (if there is any) plus any references you’ve used from the introduction.
No analysis is required in this task.
All data required to complete this task will be provided and located in your Assessment Folder on the subject site.
Minimal research is required in this task.
No adjustments need to be made to the Introduction or the Methodology sections.
The Results and Discussion sections, together, should not exceed 1,500 words (+10%).
The Results, Discussion and Reference List sections must be written following the APA (7th) formatting and referencing conventions.
Your submission must be presented as a Word document, clearly indicating the Results, Discussions and Reference List sections only.
The draft paper and data provided are fictional.

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