blockchain and cryptocurrency have great potential to bring prosperity into our

blockchain and cryptocurrency have great potential to bring prosperity into our

blockchain and cryptocurrency have great potential to bring prosperity into our world. The concept of a truly shared and democratic economy is at the core of the blockchain initiative.
In your initial post, address the following:
Discuss your experience with cryptocurrencies.
Have you used Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Tether, Litecoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies? If so, explain why you chose to use one of these systems and describe your experience.
If you haven’t used cryptocurrencies, discuss your opinion about using them. Would you be interested in using or investing in cryptocurrency? Explain why or why not.
How do you think blockchain technology and cryptocurrency might affect the economy in the future?
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Peer 1 Starla
Hi all,
When it comes to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, I personally have not had any experience using them. However, my husband and some of his close friends were investing in Ethereum, Dogecoin, and bitcoin a few years ago. From what my husband has described he invested in Ethereum because it was easy to use, and he preferred the layout over others that he had tried.
After watching this week’s videos, I am able to see the usefulness of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Utilizing cryptocurrencies properly and at the right point in time could change the way we understand currency today. As the videos mentioned it could be more than currency when it comes to using blockchain, it could be art, music, or any other creation (Tapscott, 2016). Not only would the asset be secure but additionally it would be able to be monetized, and skip the middleman all together, meaning the creator actually receives the funds their creation generates without having to pay fees to middlemen. This would be a huge change for everyone, but it could be a change for the better. All the best,
Starlee B
Peer 2 Mandi
On April 17, 2022 I decided to buy $20 of Bitcoin. I had no idea what I was doing, but Bitcoin was being talked about so much, I figured what the heck. The most I would be out was the $20 plus the $.99 fee that I was charged. When I bought it, I was looking at the recent value trends and saw that it had come down quite a bit recently. I figured that it would probably go back up, but I was totally wrong. The value has never gone back to what it was when I bought. I decided to just leave it and see what happens in the coming years. While I still don’t entirely know what Bitcoin really is or how it works, at least I feel like I have a seat at the table!
Here’s where I get caught up though…how is Bitcoin valued? Why did the value go down so much? It seems like this is like a foreign currency exchange rate almost but there’s no foreign economy to look at to determine why the ups and downs occur. Also, I don’t see how Bitcoin is any different than cash. It’s not like you ever see any option when buying items online to pay in crypto. So if you have to transfer it back into cash at whatever its current value is in order to use it, what’s the point? It’s not really eliminating that middle man that the first video talked about.
If crypto really does catch on and create a more equal playing field in the future, I think that would be great, but I just don’t see it happening in my lifetime.

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