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You work as a business analyst in a small boutique consulting firm. One of your clients has hired you to write a brief report on whether there is a gender wage gap in their organization and, if so, what policies could be introduced to reduce the gap. Your client has provided you with an Excel spreadsheet wages and gender that contains a sample of 533 observations for each of the following variables:
Variable Label
Wages Hourly wage rate
Gender 1=female; 0 = male.
Using the Excel data file, prepare a 1500 word report using the following structure as requested by your client:
Purpose (5 marks)
The report’s purpose needs to be clearly and concisely stated in this section.
Background (10 marks)
In this section, write a brief overview of the gender wage gap literature.
Method (5 marks)
In this section, you need to provide an overview of the empirical approach used to examine the gender wage gap.
Results (15 marks)
In this section, you need to present and summarize the results from your statistical analysis. Your client has requested that you:
• Provide a descriptive analysis of the two variables
• Estimate the hourly gender wage gap
• Conduct a pooled-variance t-test for the difference between two means
• Conduct a separate-variances t-test for the difference between two means.
Discussion (10 marks)
In this section, you should provide a summary of the key findings. What are the key strengths and limitations of this analysis? (e.g., data, method, etc.). What caveats would you place on your analysis? How do the results from your analysis compare with other studies? Do these findings have clear policy implications for your client? What policies could be implemented to reduce the gender wage gap?
6. Recommendation (5 marks).
Based on your analysis, please provide your client with a clear recommendation.
Please ensure that your report is submitted as a single file.

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