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Cause and Effect essay needs 4 cited sources. title the effect on childhood obe

Cause and Effect essay needs 4 cited sources. title the effect on childhood obesity , title the effects of childhood obesity on children and teens
my outline
Thesis: The effect of childhood obesity on children and teens.
I. Little or no physical activity
A. No workouts that burns calories
B. No workouts that build muscles
II. Unhealthy eating
A. Late day/late night eating
B. Snacking with junk food and high consumption of sugar drinks
III. Genetic factors
A. poor metabolism
B. hormonal disturbances
first paragraph
Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that is plaguing the globe in children and adolescents. Obesity is a complex disease of having a large or excessive amount of body fat that produces a higher BMI (body mass index)score. Body mass index is a scale to see if you are a healthy weight or not by dividing one’s weight in pounds by their height in meters squared. Overweight and obesity in today’s youth have an adverse effect on both physical and physiological health. These health problems not only are a detriment in the younger years but play a vital role in developing diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, pulmonary, and mental illness diseases such as depression in adults. There are many things that can contribute to obesity in childhood. Environmental factors such as families dining out more that yields high-calorie intake, biological factors in which hormones cause chemical imbalances, and genetic factors where obesity can occur from genes passed down by parents. Obesity in childhood numbers has risen over the years due to the lack of effort to try to combat these lifestyle changes, and the world’s youth is suffering in many ways.

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