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Children and grief

Children and grief

Topic is Children and Grief 

  1. Define the population, age group, phenomena, genre, geographical areas or concept that you are investigating. If presenting a cultural or ethnic aspect it must be one other than own.
  2. Detailed description of how and to what extent this topic is relevant -or- why you chose the topic. This must be compelling and invite the reader to be interested in the topic.
  3. Connect the topic to scholarly material, published journal, books, music or movies on the same topic.
  4. Connect the topic from a historical standpoint of death in society. For example, in the 1970s Disney movies began introducing death theme. From this commenced, more children’s movies and books about death.
  5. Connect the topic to more current and contemporary aspects of death.
  6. Define and describe any concepts that specifically related to your topic as it relates to death.
  7. Provide a scripture that you have become familiar with and you use to cope in times of loss.
  8. Provide an active link to an online site that can be used to search for material on your topic.

1500 – 2,000 word; APA-compliant formatting, including title and reference pages; Minimum of five scholarly references; double-spaced with subheadings, tables and charts as needed.  Included: Title page, abstract and full reference list. Use the sections list below to organize your paper.  All papers must list the textbook as a reference

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