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Complete Case Study # 1 Critically analyze the case study problem/questions in a

Complete Case Study # 1 Critically analyze the case study problem/questions in a power point format, this is not an essay. Modify the power point template as needed.
-What did you learn from this case that can be applied in your career as a Healthcare Administrator?
Case Study #1
Benefits of electronic Health records in a rural Critical access Hospital Sierra Vista Hospital is a 25-bed critical access hospital located in the rural city of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Sierra Vista Hospital serves approximately 13,000 area residents and provides primary care, outpatient behavioral health care, and community education programs. They need to begin implementation of elec-tronic health records (EHRs). When the subject of implementation of an EHR system was
first broached, the hospital’s physicians and staff were skeptical. Many were not comfortable integrating computers into clinical practice and did not recognize how EHR implementation could help improve efficiencies and health care quality. imagine that you are the administrator of sierra vista hospital. how will you help the hospital’s physicians and staff overcome their skepticism and get on board with the adoption of ehr? What specific benefits can you share with them? What specific objections might they express? how will you overcome their objections and convince them to agree?
Read the complete case study: http://www.healthit.gov/ providers-professionals/sierra-vista-hospital

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