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“Confidence, meaning the feeling of self-assurance in the ability to do somethin

“Confidence, meaning the feeling of self-assurance in the ability to do somethin

“Confidence, meaning the feeling of self-assurance in the ability to do something is critical when giving a speech. First off there are many factors which contribute to nervousness which is why confidence isn’t always so easily achieved. The author in the art of public speaking describes the biggest fear of public speaking is stage fright (Lucas 2023). One of the most common factors of stage fright is forgetting your speech. Forgetting words and the content which was meant to be expressed is always scary especially when there are people watching you.
Personally, I demonstrate the skills of a confident speaker only when I know the content I am presenting. For example, in order for me to be confident when giving a speech I have to have put in hours of work on typing a paper, creating a power point and really knowing the material. However, If I am rushed on a presentation I will stutter, forget words and even read quickly as possible to get it over with which are all factors which describe a nervous speaker.
In the book, Lucas (2023) describes that most people get anxious before doing something important in public (Lucas, (2023). Because of the importance of a situation, I sometimes also get nervous rather than presenting for regular classmates where I remain calmer. Personally, I see myself as a confidant speaker as long as a I know the material and its not a high-level situation. When it comes to bigger presentations with larger important people, I feel I turn into a nervous speaker.
The book describes characteristics or nervousness as well as solutions to help not feel nervous when making a speech. To build confidence I learned that some things which help are changing your mentality, acquiring experience, and preparing. Having a positive mentality and thinking of excitement rather than fright is one way to help. Getting more experience will help as well, the more you do something the easier it gets. Another way to help is to be fully prepared and to know the material that you’re presenting which is somtehing I depend on in order to be a confident speaker.”
Respond and give your opinion. I will provide the textbook and chapters for this reading and discussion.

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