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Contract Law Assignment #5 (Template included)

Assignment 5

After meetings with your client, Quick Bros. Animation, in acontract negotiation, your notes are as follows:


Talent – Jeff Sohn, 30 QuakerRidge Road, Los Angeles, CA

Services – Compose, Orchestrateand record 6.5 minutes of background music, scored to the cartoon, for theanimation.

Compensation – $20,000 payable$5,000 now, $5,000 on approval of scratch track, $5,000 on approval of Orch.And $5,000 on delivery

Production Schedule – Scratchtrack delivered 30 days from execution, Orchestration delivered 45 days fromexecution, Delivery of final track – 60 days from execution

We get to approve each deliveryin our sole discretion

Make sure we can get aninjunction against him but he can not get one against us.

No Merchandising rights to JeffSohns name & likeness

Sohn should get a credit in theonscreen credits for the Animation

We get a 30 day cure period forany alleged breach

Can reveal confidentialinformation if required in court of law.

If terminated without cause,Sohn gets full pay.

California law to apply, LosAngeles courts

Please use the template belowand adjust it as needed to draft a contract for your client on the termsrequired by your notes, above. However, consider that some of the provisionsyou are adding may require you to add new sections to the contract. 
Also, please briefly explain your changes to the template. 

Template is in the attachments

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