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Course project 3

Course project 3

This is the final section of your Course Project (Part 3). It allows you to synthesize what you learned about the selected social problem or need from a historical and ethical context and propose a way to address the existing problem today. Consider how the problem has evolved over time. Is the problem the same today as you described it in Part 1, or has it changed/evolved? What is a possible approach that will reduce the prevalence of the problem while promoting human rights and/or social, economic or environmental justice? What is the role of social work in your proposed approach? Who might you collaborate with to make the approach effective? In most cases, social workers cannot create social change alone. They often must collaborate with legislators, educators, business leaders, clients, and the general public to bring about social change. Who do you need to bring to the table to make your plan work? 


Give a brief overview of the current state of the social problem or need that is the focus of your innovation. [Provide evidence from library sources to support your description of the problem.] 

Describe your specific new or innovative approach to address the current social problem or need, and explain in what ways it is different from other past/current services or benefits.

Explain how the lives of persons or groups using or accessing services or benefits stemming from your approach will be different or better because of it. 

Explain  how your approach promotes or advances two first-order ethical principles (Refer to Chapter 2 in the Jansson text) or human rights, or social, economical or environmental justice.

Briefly describe the required role(s) of social workers to implement your proposed approach. Also, explain the necessity for collaboration with  other professional groups to ensure the success of your ideas.

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