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CRIM 101 MINI-TERM PAPER #1 Instructions: Complete this assignment in 2 to 3 pag

Complete this assignment in 2 to 3 pag

Complete this assignment in 2 to 3 pages double-spaced. Be mindful of properly citing and paraphrasing (use APA 7th edition Formatting). Remember, if you take a quote directly from the textbook place it in “quotes” and use this as the in-text citation.
You do not need an introductory paragraph or a conclusion paragraph – just answer the questions below
Include a Title Page that includes a title (Aligned Center in the document) that states which theory you have selected (i.e., Rational Choice Theory or Routine Activities Theory).
It is expected that you answer these in full sentences and not in bullet form.
You do not need external sources
You are going to complete this for one of the following theories:
Rational Choice Theory
Routine Activities Theory
Answer the following:
The objective of this mini-paper is to describe the theory that you have selected. To do so, please address the following questions (20 points total :
What are the key components/elements/parts of the theory and how are they defined or described? (5 points)
For example, if I believe low self-control or deviant peers explains criminal behavior I need to be sure to define/describe what these concepts are.
2. How does this theory suggest crime occurs? (5 points)
What is the hypothesis about crime that is derived from this theory?
Stated differently, how does this theory suggest that its’ major components described in the first question explain why crime happens? Be sure to be clear about how the major components of theory help us understand when crime is more or less likely to occur. Some theories may suggest that crime happens (or increases) when certain factors are present, whereas others may suggest crime decreases when certain factors are present. Many theories could explain both – but, you must accurately describe the expected relationship using the concepts correctly.
If any key scholars/researchers are listed in the textbook related to this theory be sure to mention them as contributors to the development of the theory.
3. Is this theory a macro or micro-level theory? Explain why. (5 points)
Be sure to clearly explain why this is a micro or macro-level theory by defining how the theory fits into a micro or macro-level perspective.
Writing & Formatting (5 points)
APA 7th edition formatting
Writing Style
Have students spell checked and proofread their work?
Proper sentence structure
Few grammatical errors
Is the paper structured in a logical way making it easy for you to follow the arguments?
Paper flows smoothly
Addresses each of the questions in a logical manner

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