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Criteria for Format 1. Paper (excluding title page and reference page) at least

Criteria for Format 1. Paper (excluding title page and reference page) at least

Criteria for Format 1. Paper (excluding title page and reference page) at least 1 page. 2. The paper should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Information should be clear and concise. 3. Times New Roman 12 point. Double space. 4. Minimum of 2 scholarly references must be used. References must be current within the past 5 years or less. Use scholarly work outside your course books. 5. Title, body, and reference page must follow APA guidelines. 6. Citations and references must be used. 7. As per the current APA manual rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation apply. Case Study for Literature Review Read the case study and guided questions to help trigger ideas with your research for your paper. Research evidence -based literature that best supports the theme of this case. Include a written review of two (2) scholarly references. Effective Delegation and Supervision The hospital facility where Shawn Jones, RN, works has recently begun supplementing unit staffing with unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP). Shawn will be working with three UAPs on his unit and is very concerned about his supervisory role. Shawn discusses the situation with his nurse manager, Carlene Brown, MSN, RN. Carlene explains that Shawn will continue to be accountable for the patient’s initial and intermittent assessments, diagnosis, planning, evaluation, and patient teaching and that the UAP will be used to lessen the amount of direct care Shawn has been providing. Shawn explains that he is concerned that the attempt to decrease the time he spends providing direct care will simultaneously result in an increase in supervisory work. Additionally, Shawn is concerned about the diversity among. UAP training programs and is apprehensive about the UAP’s level of knowledge, skills, and understanding of role responsibilities. To put Shawn’s mind at ease, Carlene offers to work with Shawn to create a plan to evaluate the UAP’s readiness for a delegated task. Carlene suggests that Shawn use the delegation process as the framework for the plan and to review the state’s nurse practice act, rules, and regulations. Guided Questions to Effective Delegation Case Study Use the following questions as a guide to help trigger ideas in writing your paper. The following questions are not required to be answered, however, use these questions to help outline your paper. 1. Illustrate how the delegation process could be used to evaluate the UAP’s readiness to be delegated a task.2. How can the five rights be applied to this scenario? 3. Review your state nurse practice act and discuss what guidance your state provides regarding delegation to the UAP.

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