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Dear writer, together with you I would like to write my research proposal for th

Dear writer, together with you I would like to write my research proposal for th

Dear writer, together with you I would like to write my research proposal for the course Diversity in Entrepreneurship. My research question:(What are the most effective strategies for female intrapreneurs to overcome the challenges they face and achieve success?) is rather quantitative in nature and needs to define success. Most importantly here is the connection of women and intrapreneurship/corporate entrepreneurship. In the following I have the tasks descriiption:
Task descriiption
Individually, you are going to write a research proposal of 2500 words + references. This must be submitted on Tuesday 24th October at 23:59 the latest.
Throughout this course, you will read various academic articles and get familiarised with various topics related to diversity in entrepreneurship. However, as you may realise while reading academic literature, several areas within these topics remain underexplored and in need of further investigation. Based on the insights that you will develop in this course and your personal interest; you will be asked to write an academic research proposal in an area related to diversity in entrepreneurship. In essence, a research proposal is a document that explains what you will investigate (research question / problem statement), why it is worth doing research about it (justification), how you plan to carry out the investigation (methodology), and what are the expected contributions of this investigation (conclusion). Note that the focus of the task is to develop a research proposal, therefore carrying out the actual empirical study is not expected within the scope of this assignment.
Below you will find five questions that your research proposal should have an answer to, and the recommended structure and minimum sections that your proposal should have. Out of these five questions I want you to write the Methodology please:
In this section, you will explain the research approach you intend to adopt (you can propose either a quantitative or qualitative methodology) and articulate the reasoning behind your choice. Subsequently, you will delineate the specific methods you will employ to tackle the research question at hand. It is essential to substantiate why this chosen approach and these particular methods are the most suitable for your study, and to explain how you intend to utilize them in the research process. We advise supporting your rationale with references to relevant methodology literature.
answering which broad empirical approach – qualitative or quantitative research – makes most sense, and why? What methods will you use, and what can you tell us about possible data sources (e.g., which database in case of secondary data, which participants will take part in your study in case of primary data (interview/survey data), how will you get in contact with participant, etc.)? Make sure to use academic methodology literature to justify your approach and to convince the reader that the empirical study is feasible.
references should be in the APA7 style.
And in the following are further instructions:
Guidelines for the research proposal
Include a cover page with the title of your research proposal, the name of the course, your name, your student number, the name of your tutor and the date. (This page does not count into the word count)
Refer to relevant articles or books wherever appropriate. The document must contain a minimum of 10 academic references from the list of journals below of which at least half should not be reading materials in this syllabus. (Reference lists do not count within the word count)
Those references that are not part of the reading material of this syllabus should go under a separate heading. i.e., there must be two reference lists, one for reading material and another for the material sourced by yourself.
All sources must be cited and referenced using APA 7th
Use a legible font, 11 point, double spaced.
Use titles and subtitles to allow for the identification sections by your tutor while grading.
The maximum length of the document is 2,500 words. 10% under the maximum limit is allowed.
For your Part the Methodology if you sigh articles not only do it in APA7 but the articles should also be out of the following journals:
Entrepreneurship journals
Management journals
• Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice
• Journal of Business Venturing
• Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
• Entrepreneurship and Regional Development
• International Small Business Journal
• Journal of Small Business Management
• Small Business Economics
• International Journal of Entrepreneurial
Behaviour and Research
• Venture Capital: An International Journal
• Entrepreneurship Research Journal
• Academy of Management Journal
• Academy of Management Review
• Academy of Management Annals
• Academy of Management Perspectives
• Journal of Management
• Journal of Management Studies
• Organization Science
• Organization Studies
• Business Ethics Quarterly
• Journal of Business Ethics
• Business and Society
Lastly for your part this is the assessment criteria:
Methodology: The empirical approach is appropriate to address the research question. The section explains how the methods chosen will be used.
feel free to choose your approach of addressing the research question.
Those are the articles we covered in class on the two subjects of intrapreneurship
and gender:
1. Parker, S. C. (2011). Intrapreneurship or Entrepreneurship?. Journal of Business Venturing, 26(1), 19-34.

2. Antoncic, B., & Hisrich, R. D. (2001). Intrapreneurship: Construct refinement and cross-cultural validation. Journal of business venturing, 16(5), 495-527.

3. Ahuja, B. S. (2016). How Intuit Built a Better Support System for Intrapreneurs. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles. 4/5/2016, p2-5. 4p.

4. Corbett, A. (2018). The myth of the intrapreneur. Harvard Business Review, 26(06), 2018.
1. Marlow, S., & Martinez Dy, A. (2018). Annual review article: Is it time to rethink the gender agenda in entrepreneurship research?. International Small Business Journal, 36(1), 3-22.

2. Jennings, J. E., & Brush, C. G. (2013). Research on women entrepreneurs: challenges to (and from) the broader entrepreneurship literature?. The Academy of Management Annals, 7(1), 663-715.

3. Kanze, D., Huang, L., Conley, M. A., & Higgins, E. T. (2018). We ask men to win and women not to lose: Closing the gender gap in startup funding. Academy of Management Journal, 61(2), 586-614.

4. Richomme‐Huet, K., & Vial, V. (2014). Business lessons from a “mompreneurs” network. Global Business and Organizational Excellence, 33(4), 18-27.
Please make sure that you don’t mix up intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship, and that you only write the section (Methodology), which is exactly 800 words long.
and that it is APA7 style referenced and times new roman

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