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Description This individual assignment provides you with an opportunity to synth

This individual assignment provides you with an opportunity to synthesize what you have learned about being an effective team member and what you can apply to your next team project. Throughout the course, you have created a personal journal to reflect on your team experience. You will reflect on the content of your journal and summarize what you learned in a 2-page essay.
Requirements and Submission Instructions
Step 1: Complete the unit 11 readings.
Step 2: Review your journal.
Step 3: Write a 2-page essay. Consider the following:
What have you learned about teamwork?
What went well for your team?
What could your team have done better?
What was your team’s biggest success?
What was the most challenging thing encountered by your team?
How did you overcome the challenges encountered by your team?
How effective do you think that you were as a team member?
How did your team progress through Tucker’s stages of team development: forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning?
Step 4: Proofread your document and use MS Word to check the spelling and grammar.
Step 5: Submit your MS Word document to the link below. Make note of the submission requirements below.
Submission Requirements
Your overall submission will include:
Title page: (include assignment title, assignment topic (paper title), student name, date, course code/title, instructor name)
Essay Main Body: maximum of 2 pages for the following three sections (500 words, double spaced, 12-point font)
Introduction (introduce your topic and state the purpose of your essay)
Body (A few paragraphs that address the content described in step 3 above)
Conclusion (confirms and summarizes what was said in body to fulfil the purpose of the paper)
References Page: (if applicable full APA formatted references for all work cited in body). Since this is a reflection activity, you may not have references.
Submit to the assignments page. Submit all assignments in this course as MS Word documents.

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