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Developing Your Research:

Research Design Workshop

This graded discussion forum is designed to assist you with producing a manageable research design so you may begin conducting primary research as soon as you submit your Revised Research Proposal.

Feedback is critical at this stage, so please respond to your peer partner plus no fewer than two additional peers, focusing on the clarity and feasibility of one another’s plans for field research. 

 Your Research Design post should:

  • Not just answer these following questions/prompts.
    • Write as a researcher hoping to gain funding or approval for a project about which you are both passionate and professionally invested–not as a student answering a writing prompt.
    • The order and content of these paragraphs may need to change for your individual project to make sense, and not all of these prompts may apply to your project.
    • Your writing and research are unique. 
  • However, it should still be a minimum of 4 paragraphs (no more than 6) 
    • Paragraph 1: (short paragraph)
      • Briefly recap your project’s purpose (this may be adapted from your revised CARS intro)
      • Describe your planned research process including a description of your research instrument.
        • What genre of data are you collecting, and how?
        • How do they mediate activities, represent communities, or contribute to identities?
    • Paragraph 2:
      • Discuss your focus population.
        • Who are the people who produce the texts or engage in the activity that you plan to analyze?
        • How do you have access to them? Are they a group you belong to or would like to? Is it just you? 
        • How large is the sample population? Where is it located? Can you estimate its demographics?
    • Paragraph 3:
      • Describe the artifacts or events you plan to analyze as you currently understand them (You will understand them better when this is over!)
      • Are they physical, digital, visual, aural? 
      • Are they personal, professional, civic, social, religious, academic?
      • Are they historical or contemporary? Conservative or edgy?
      • What else should we know?
    • Paragraph 4:
      • Include a detailed timeline (revised from Monday’s activity) for your plans to collectcodeanalyze, and write up your data:
        • This is important: Set reasonable deadlines for yourself!
        • -By when will you have ALL your literacy artifacts?
        • -When will you complete data collection?
        • -Arrange your activities thoughtfully to meet due dates.
      • Include a brief plan for coding the data you collect
        • You may include your coding practice from last week in the appendices (optional)
      • Include a backup plan for any unforeseen circumstances
      • Include any options or questions you still have about your research design, its scope, and its feasibility.

Please write clearly and concisely. After we workshop your submission as a class, it will become your Research Design in your Revised Research Proposal and then your Methods section in your Scholarly Article.



Review upcoming assignment prompts and templates for further guidance. 

these are the work that I did and I want you to write based on them 

in my research paper, I’m going to about life routine during the COVID-19 how people dealt with it what the issue that had, to see what they did on their work during a pandemic did they quit their job or they did it online, and for a student like us who still studying during COVID-19 what the impact for studying online most people like studying online but I’m not I believe that studying regularly is was better. the question on my mind are:

1. what did you do during COVID-19? 

2.  how has COVID-19 impacted your daily routine? 

3. how did quarantine impact your relationship with other people?

4. has COVID-19 had any mental health application on you like depression?  

5. how has COVID-19 impact your work or your school 

I think my question isn’t that great so please if you have any ideas about that please let me know. 


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