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Develop a research-based argument that ties an idea you developed during your re

Develop a research-based argument that ties an idea you developed during your reading Apply and synthesize your selected reading with current issues. Consider how you might take what you have read and apply it as an argument related to your academic major.
Make sure your final thesis meets these standards:
Takes a stand
Identifies what needs to change
Identifies who/what is responsible for the change
Identifies why the change is necessary or beneficial
Makes an argument reasonable people could dispute
Strategies for success:
Do not start by trying to write your introduction. Create a working thesis. Write your body paragraph(s). Go back and write your introduction after you’ve discovered what you want to say.
When you write an introduction, create a funnel introduction. Sample strong funnel introduction. Start broadly, narrow the focus, and conclude with your argumentative thesis.
When you write your conclusion, funnel out.
Minimize first person (the “I” voice). Avoid “I think,” “I feel,” “in my opinion,” etc.
Take all forms of “you –you, your, you’re–out of academic writing.
Establish your ethos by setting the essay within the context of the other essays. Show that you understand the ongoing conversation our writers have had. Your thesis should add your voice to the conversation.
Use quotes effectively: frame the quotes with an introduction before and analysis after
Create concise and effective summaries of the relevant portions of text from other writers
Show the reader you understand what has been said before
Disagreement is fine as long as you can explain why
The agreement is fine, but add something more to the discussion
Use text structures (narrative, compare/contrast, cause/effect, definition, process, or persuasion) to build your points.
Use the Essay Checklist on page 8 of the syllabus to help you run a check of things you need for your essay.

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