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Digital Marketing Plan Introduction This portfolio work project, a digital mark

Digital Marketing Plan
This portfolio work project, a digital marketing plan with a social media strategy, will help you demonstrate competency in digital marketing planning and measurement.
The Vice President of Marketing at MSH Brands (or at your employer or future employer company) was impressed with your marketing plan and brand presentation submitted in Units 4 and 7. They have now asked you to develop a Digital Marketing Strategy based on this work.
Your Role
You are a Brand Manager at MSH Brands (or at your employer or future employer company). You are being asked to develop a digital marketing strategy for a new pet food product (or new product or line extension at your employer or future employer.)
Building on your prior work this term, develop a digital marketing plan using the SOSTAC© model. Your plan must address each of the SOSTAC© elements, including:
1. Situational Analysis
Analyze the current situation in terms of customers, intermediaries, and competencies.
Conduct a thorough competitive analysis and identify what your competitors are doing in terms of Web presence and social media presence.
2. Objectives
Develop specific measurable objectives for a digital marketing strategy. Where do you want your company to be?
3. Strategy
Articulate short- (< 1 year), medium- (1 to 3 years), and long-term (> 3 years) digital marketing strategies. How do you achieve your objectives within these terms?
4. Tactics
Differentiate various techniques (for example, website, social media, advertising, pay-per-click, events, press releases, sponsorships) to use for implementing strategies. How will you build your sales funnel?
5. Actions
Develop a project plan for executing each tactic. The plan is to briefly capture your execution of the tactics.
6. Controls
Develop specific metrics to monitor tactics. How do you know things are going as planned? How often will you monitor the metrics?
***Below is Assignment 4 and the established concept so far***
The Westin is a Marriott brand that embraces wellness and is launching a new product for furry four-legged friends: The Doggie Loggie. The Doggie Loggie is a luxurious canine version of Swiss rolls. These sweet and savory treats will feature premium ingredients that dogs will love and will benefit their health. The Veggie Doggie Loggie will feature ingredients such as sweet potato, carrots, peas, cauliflower, green beans, corn, blueberries, and peanut butter. Meattie Doggie Loggies would feature lamb, steak, chicken, salmon, turkey, and cheese.
Business Context
Westin is one of the Marriott brands that embraces healthy relationships with our canine family members (Marriott, 2022) . They welcome mid-side dogs and smaller dogs. The Heavenly Dog Bed is an amenity that is offered to accommodate our furry friends free of charge. The added amenity of Doggie Loggies will echo the wellness culture that Westin embodies. The goal of the new Doggie Loggies is to further invite guests who want to travel with their pooches and give the same luxury experience they will have to their dogs.
Situation Analysis
The addition of the Doggie Loggies to the Heavenly Dog Bed would allow hotel guests to indulge their dogs as much as they do while on property at the Westin Hotels. The demographic would include middle aged people who are health conscious and love dogs. The best area to launch the product in would be California and the southeastern states where there are statistically more dog lovers(AVMA Pet Ownership, 2018). 62% of Southeastern states such as Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi households have reported their pet ownership. Doggie Loggies would also target people who earn a salary of $55,000 or more (AVMA Pet Ownership, 2018).
Normally dogs and hotels do not go hand in hand, however at The Westin Hotels they do. The Westin is a premium brand under the Marriott umbrella and competitors in the same category would be Renaissance, Hampton Inn, and Kimpton Hotels. All of the above hotels allow dogs and make some accommodations for them. However, these brands do not have a special brand specifically for their canine guests. The Westin features the Heavenly Dog bed, the dog version of the Westin’s Heavenly bed, and now the doggie loggies. These features give the Westin a competitive edge in the market.
Marketing Strategy
In order for this product to maintain a competitive edge the marketing strategy needs to be weaved into the Westin brand. As a wellness brand, the Westin provides special offerings for guests to embrace their wellness while on property. The Doggie Loggies allow hotel guests to give their furry family members a vacation they can enjoy as well. Advertising for the Doggie Loggie would be coupled with the Marriott and Westin brands and the standing reputation they hold. Digital Platforms such as Instagram, Marriott Bonvoy app and Marriott.com would be ideal placement for the online market. The hotel sundry and check in desks would be great for guests arriving with dogs. Messaging would surround wellness, love, and pets. The ideal television commercial would target the middle aged workforce with pets and travel as common interests. Commercials should show two families preparing to travel. The first family will drop their dog off at a boarding facility and the other will travel in the car with their dog and arrive at a Westin Hotel where the agent will offer the Heavenly Dog Bed and the Doggie Loggies to the furry guest. Special events for marketing will include partnering with community animal shelters in the target demographic areas and have adoption days sponsored by Marriott and Doggie Loggies. The health benefits of the product will be explained and given away at these events.
Marketing Mix
Marketing mix is a way to focus all aspects of marketing to support the marketing plan. Promotional strategy will rely on the Marriott brand. Placing the Doggie Loggie and Marriott together in the public eye will give more credibility to the new brand. Sales would be facilitated on the Marriott website platforms, social media, and in Westin hotels. Pricing will be in line with top products that rival the Doggie Loggies. Premium prices for premium ingredients. The distribution strategy will be exclusive and streamlined on purchasing platforms, all forms of payment will be accepted. Packaging will be elegant and easy to travel with, much like a real Swiss roll. The Doggie Loggies can be bundled with the Heavenly Dog bed for consumers to extend the experience to their homes for their canine family members.
Marketing Plan Effectiveness
Effectiveness of a marketing plan is just as important as the Marketing plant itself. Revenue is a key indicator for how well the marketing plan is working for the company(New Perspective, 2022) Taking a look at where sales are originating from will be a good place to start measuring the effectiveness of this plan. Metrics such as likes on social media, clicks on advertisements, referral traffic, reviews on the product will help further gauge and tailor the marketing plan short term(New Perspective, 2022). Long term metrics that should be considered for effectiveness are the bounce rate, average sales cycle, and customer retention rate. The bounce rate is the percentage of website visitors who do not look at any other pages beyond the home page. The sales cycle gives a look into how quickly a customer chooses to buy. The most important part of the marketing plan maintaining longevity would be the retention of customers. Repeat customers let the company know how well their products are being received.
The Doggie Loggie is a product that will enhance the hospitality experience of our canine counterparts. This tasty treat will implement the health and wellness brand standards of the Westin Hotels under the Marriott umbrella. Bundling the Doggie Loggies with the Westin’s Heavenly Dog Bed will be a great strategic move to enhance the marketing of the product.
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