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Discussion Module Instructions: Students must provide collective feedback about

Discussion Module Instructions: Students must provide collective feedback about the instructor provided supplemental materials affiliated with each learning module. Of all the postings submitted, two will be chosen at random (first no later than week 4, second no later than week 8) to be graded based on the following criterion/rubric below. Points will be deducted based on the number of each criterion not followed and other errors. All other postings not graded with a rubric, will be evaluated for completion (pass/fail).
1. Meeting deadline
2. Following posting instructions below (to include utilizing the format provided and answering all questions completely, etc.).
3. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, organization, relevance.
4. APA reference format followed.
Instructions: The following questions must be completed independently. Review all assigned content for each module to include the instructor provided supplemental information (videos and/or articles), etc. with a 300 word minimum, collectively respond to the following questions by typing each question in your response followed by your response in numerical order.
1) In regard to the supplemental videos and/or articles, indicate the relevance to content covered in the course for the specified module – provide specific textbook examples with references in APA format.
2) List 3 examples of information that you learned from the videos and/or the articles that were not provided in the readings and/or lecture ppts.
3) Constructively critique the videos and/or articles to include:
a. What you liked most and/or least.
b. Whether or not the supplemental content was an easy, moderate or difficult watch and/or read.
c. List any contradicting/confusing information indicated in the videos and/or articles in comparison to the assignments provided.
4) How did the content in this module impact you on both personal and professional levels?

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