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Due date: June 21, 2022. Note: Essays are checked for plagiarism with Unicheck!

Due date: June 21, 2022.
Note: Essays are checked for plagiarism with Unicheck!!!
***Important: “Crash” assignment must be in doc, docx, pdf. type.***
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Assignment: Your next assignment is to test a psychological theory called “Situationism” which claims human behavior is for the most part governed by factors of the situation rather than the traits a person possesses. Behavior is believed to be influenced by external, situational factors rather than internal traits or motivations. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as
– The theory that human behavior is determined by surrounding circumstances rather than by personal qualities.
To watch the film “Crash” (2004) click on:
Below are links to some overviews of the film.
Crash (2004) Official Trailer # 1 – Don Cheadle
Take notes of scenes and dialogue where you observe conflict. The film is a story of a number of individuals whose lives intersect in unexpected ways, but more surprisingly experience reversals in their behaviors. Choose three major characters which you feel express or exhibit significant reversals in their behavior, that is, they behave in a way that is quite unexpected based on your first impression of their behavior.
Sample Essay Paper Format
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Abstract: mention the method you used to gather your data and what theoretical approach you used to analyze your data.
Paragraphs 1, 2, 3: choose 3 major characters of the movie that exhibit significant reversals in behavior. For each paragraph cover the initial behavior (good or bad) of one of the characters and the expectations that the behavior created in you. Then note the reversal in her/his behavior later in the film. Explain the reversal using the theory of situationism.
Paragraph 4: What do you make of the theory of Situationism? Do you agree with it? Or disagree? Provide evidence to support your position.
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