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due Jun 20, 2021 Discussion 1: Introductions No unread replies.No replies. For m

due Jun 20, 2021
Discussion 1: Introductions
No unread replies.No replies.
For most discussions, you will be a member of a group and will be asked to answer a specific question within that group. For this first introduction assignment, you will be introducing yourself to everyone in your group by discussing your response to a specific poem and your feelings toward literature in general. You should not be able to read other students’ introductions before posting your own (you want your work to reflect your own original response as much as possible, and you want to avoid echoing the answers others have already given).
Ensure that your answer is carefully edited and properly formatted before posting. This first submission is the writing for which you will receive a grade, so take time to thoughtfully develop and edit your work on your computer’s word processor before submitting it. Copy it over from the file on your computer, being careful to fix the formatting in Canvas before you submit. You can even preview what your post looks like as you submit so that you can fix any formatting issues.
Be sure you write this as an essay for a college audience. To understand my expectations for these essays and your final essay on the novel, I recommend you continually review the help pages in this class on the essay. Particularly, these pages explain some fundamental aspects of college level writing that I expect to see in your work submitted to this class:
Introductions & Thesis Statements-2
Supporting Paragraphs-2
Overview of Quoting, Paraphrasing, & Citing-2
A NOTE ON FORMAT: for discussions, don’t worry about MLA paper headings , double spacing, margins, and some of those details you would worry about for a longer essay. Instead, be sure your discussion writing is single-spaced, has an additional space between each paragraph (so that paragraphs are clear to your readers). Also, if you’ve quoted or paraphrased anything from another author or source, be sure to use parenthetical citation next to any quotes or paraphrases, and then provide a “Works Cited” list at the bottom of your discussion. As with any writing you submit to a class, this should be written in clear, correct sentences with attention to a college level academic audience.
After you have understood the general instructions, then you can begin to follow the instructions for this specific discussion assignment.
Instead of the generic “introduction” assignment, I’m going to ask that you write something a little more focused and relevant to the course for this first writing assignment.
For this week, first carefully read and annotate Billy Collins’s poem, “Introduction to Poetry” on page 593 of your textbook . If you don’t yet have the textbook (it should be in stock in the bookstore, so be sure to pick one up this week), you can find the text of Collins’s poem here: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/46712/introduction-to-poetry (Links to an external site.)
I also recommend watching this visual presentation of the poem on YouTube:Introduction to Poetry by Billy Collins (Links to an external site.)
For this discussion, answer the following three part question: what do you think Collins’s poem is saying about how students in this teacher’s class read poetry, versus how this teacher wants them to read poetry? How does this poem speak to your own experience in studying literature in school? How do you hope to read literature for the assignments in this class?
Write your answers as a single, focused piece of writing that logically flows from one paragraph to the next. 600 words is the minimum length for you to receive any credit for this short essay, but 800 words probably gives you a better chance of properly developing your thesis.
Also, don’t forget to respond to two fellow students in your discussion group, with a 100 word response.

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