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Essay 2: Process Preferences: Knowing Yourself and Others (10 points) – 700-1,00

Essay 2: Process Preferences: Knowing Yourself and Others (10 points) – 700-1,000 words
Review the discussion of process preferences on pp. 254-257. Think about a project that you worked on as part of a team within your work setting. Describe the process preference(s) that best describe(s) you (clarifier, ideator, developer, implementer). Give examples to support your assessment. Identify the process preferences of other group members, and discuss the contributions and/or perceived obstacles that were an outcome of their involvement. How can you use this information to work productively as a team in the future?
I work at Delta Health Alliance
My job title is a Director of Student and Family Support
A project I did once was getting a project up off the ground that we had little knowledge of such as a head start program.
Puccio, G. J., Mance, M., & Murdock, M. C. (2010). Creative leadership: Skills that drive
change. Sage Publications. (The information from the process preferences can be found in this book. I can add this if you don’t have the book.

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