Essay Instruction Summary: Write a 6-7 page Causal Analysis essay based in resea

Essay Instruction Summary:
Write a 6-7 page Causal Analysis essay based in resea

Essay Instruction Summary:
Write a 6-7 page Causal Analysis essay based in research on your topic. i.e. Your claims regarding the cause/effect relationships of your topic must be logically supported by researched evidence, testimony, and judgments. (Review notes on Causal Analysis and Logical Argument.)
You must find what is controversial or debatable within your topic, and then take a stance/make a claim as a reasonable position focusing on determining short-term or long-term cause and/or effect relationships. You may also include a call to action for a proposed solution.
Determine your purpose for examining the causal relationships. Are you writing to provide proof of cause/effect:
to repeat a success
to avoid a failure
to assign blame and gain reparation
to solve a problem
Begin your project by identifying a specific problem or developing a research query & hypothesis.
Consider what research questions could be asked? Choose a question that is focused (not too broad), challenging (not just factual and end up with a report instead of an argument), and grounded (not too speculative lacking evidence) as entry points to your investigation.
Too broad: What causes depression? Narrower: How has the wide-spread use of antidepressant drugs affected teen suicide rates?
Too factual: Where is wind energy being used? Challenging: What makes wind farms economically viable?
Too speculative: Do medical scientists have the right to experiment on animals? Grounded: How have technical breakthroughs made medical experiments on animals increasingly unnecessary?
Compose a research query and develop a hypothesis to be tested/validated through your research.
For example,
Query: How does technology affect written communication?
Hypothesis: While claims of its influence on culture, economics, and society may be difficult to validate, the moveable-type Printing Press invented by Johannes Gutenberg was an important mechanical technology that allowed information to be recorded, duplicated, and shared in mass quantities while promoting literacy and creating “rules” for grammar, spelling, punctuation and composition.
Query: How does our for-profit food industry influence public health?
Hypothesis: The food industry successfully manipulates the concept of nutrition, controls freedom of food choices, and directly contributes to a national health crisis of obesity, chronic illness and mounting costs in the treatment of diet-related illnesses.
For topic ideas, check-out this list of potential research questions.
Required Essay Criteria:
This essay must be supported with research correctly documented in the essay with in-text citations and on a Works Cited page using MLA style format (5-6 pages of your writing plus 1 page of citations as last page of essay with no less than 5 credible, authoritative sources.)
You may NOT use content farms or Wikipedia. You may go directly to the website or archives of any relevant, credible source such as .gov cites, New York Times, PBS or but be very cautious of entertainment sources rather than educational sources. This is called secondary research.
You are not required to conduct your own primary research (create a survey, do an experiment, conduct an interview, etc.)
Your sources can include articles from professional journals, newspapers, credible quality subject matter magazines, or websites as well as educational films/documentaries, books, reports, studies or interviews. Evaluate all sources for credibility! Because we are working on a short deadline, I suggest that you stick to peer-reviewed journals instead of using books that will take too long to read and comprehend. Don’t rely on Netflix documentaries which are often more entertainment than well-informed reporting.
While you will be learning new material during research, and quoting or paraphrasing the experts to support your ideas, this essay should mostly be your own writing; don’t use quotes like beads on a string or have more than approx. 30% – 40% of the essay content be from secondary sources. You must use at least one direct quote or one documented paraphrase from each source listed on your Works Cited page. Do Not include a source you didn’t cite (use in your essay) on your Works Cited page.
Use in-text citation (signal phrases and parenthetical documentation) for all quotes, paraphrases, and summaries of secondary source material (your research).
You are not required, but may use visuals to clarify or quickly communicate information in your essay. Cite all visuals according to current MLA style guide. Visuals include photographs, diagrams, charts, tables, maps, or figures. Do not include any visual in the essay which you do not discuss in the text of your essay. If you feel the visual doesn’t belong in the body of the essay, but feel it is crucial for your reader to see it, you may include it as an Addendum prior to the Works Cited page.

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