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Essay on Contemporary Issue: Islam and Violence a. Given that all Muslim suicid

Essay on Contemporary Issue: Islam and Violence
a. Given that all Muslim suicid

Essay on Contemporary Issue: Islam and Violence
a. Given that all Muslim suicide bombers justify their actions with their religion, we wonder if Islam a religion of violence or of peace. Stephen Prothero makes a descriiptive presentation about the issue. The Qur’an gives two seemingly contradictory messages. In terms of frequency, the Quran overwhelmingly condemns non-believers represented as Christians and Jews for their unbelief and commands that the followers of Allah “slay” them for due punishment. But in one passage, the Qur’an says that Christians and Jews inherit the Paradise for their belief in God. On the other hand, the Qur’anic verses say that Muslims, the followers of Allah, should strike death the enemies of Allah such as Christians and Jews.
It should be noted that this is what theology is. Theology is a reflective intellectual practice in which theological authority produces views on issues in question by reference to the sacred text, reason, personal experiences, academic learnings, etc. Thus, different theological authorities can produce dramatically different conclusions on the same issue. The reason that the suicide bombing is positively evaluated as a self-sacrificial submission to God’s commands is that the theological landscape of contemporary Islamic nations is mostly fundamentalist. And it can change just like Christianity has been.
The two journalists, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Manal Omar, in their news articles, wrestle with the question of where the violent Islamic extremism stems from. As ordinary, laypersons like you (not theologians or imams), they attempt to find some answers about the origin of Islamic extremism. Now, first, briefly summarize each journalist’s view and, second, show if you agree with one of them or with none by giving your own reason. To answer, you do not need research or external sources other than the assigned readings. Trust yourself. You have enough knowledge by now (after completing the readings, the self-check quiz, and the discussion assignment) to opine your learned view. Write in no more than 400 words but no less than 300 words.

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