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Experiencing your own trauma responses Part A. You are admonished not to deal wi

Experiencing your own trauma responses
Part A.
You are admonished not to deal with a bona fide personal trauma in this exercise! If you
have read chapter 3 carefully you should understand why. Take a moment to think of a “near
miss” with a traumatic experience you may have had. You could have been close to a tornado or
an earthquake. Perhaps you may have had a nonlethal collision or had to swerve violently to
avoid a deer in the road.
Maybe you have been walking down a dark street late at night in a
strange neighborhood and had the feeling you were being followed or stalked. As you think
about the event, let your mind go back to focus as accurately as it can on it. You may want to
shut your eyes as you do this.
What does that scene look like?
Who else is in it?
Are there any smells or sounds associated with it?
Can you feel (tactile) anything?
Now write those descriptions down.
Now go back to the scene again.
What are your feelings as you experience it?
What are you thinking?
How are you acting?
Now write down your feelings, the one major
thought that went through your mind, and the actions you took.
Now look at the Triage Assessment Scale (pages 61-62) in Chapter Three. Rate yourself on the event as if it had just
happened. (please be sure to pay close attention to page 66 Rating clients for scoring guide).
Set this information aside.
Part B.
Now think about the event again, but this time think of it in present time as a historical
anecdote in your life. Once again, follow the instructions in Part A of the exercise, but complete
them as they relate to you in the present moment. Now answer these questions:
1. How much difference do you find between Parts A and B?
2. Why do you think that is?
3. What do you suppose would be the difference if your “near miss” had turned into a full-blown
traumatic event?
Please give a brief description of your crisis, answer all questions and make Part B- Question 3 your concluding paragraph.
Use APA format
Please refer to the following textbook: James, R.K., and Gillliandd, G.E. (2017). Crisis intervention strategies
(8th ed.), R.K., & Gilliand, G.E. (2017). Crisis intervention strategies (8th ed.).aJames, R.K., & Gilliand, G.E. (2017). Crisis intervention strategies (8th ed.).mes, R.K., & Gilliand, G.E. (2017). Crisis intervention strategies (8th ed.).

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