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Exploration is a key portion of this course. Exploration can take many formats

Exploration is a key portion of this course. Exploration can take many formats or
combinations of formats. Here I am looking for you to select an appropriate (based on your current geographic location) combination of real trips and virtual trips.
You need to complete a total of 3 “trips”. These trips can be real or virtual (or a
combination (i.e. you visit a park and also research it) it is your choice.
PAGE 1: Virtual “Trip”
Research how a “weather” forecast is prepared. Explain how a weather forecast is prepared. You need show an understanding of how and why weather can be
predicted. This will include identifications what causes different weather patterns and also what they are.
(It does not need to be too detailed just a page that reflects a basic understanding of this topic and a source or two where you found the info)
During the aquarium visit I would like you consider how changes to the
Hydrosphere affect the animals and organisms that live in our oceans. I would like you to find one aspect of the visit to the aquarium and write me a 1 to 2 page
commentary on the effect of climate change or environmental impact on it (the
species or the location).
(You can just look up a common species that would be at the aquarium link above and research some ways climate change affects that species or geographic
location, whichever is easiest to find. It can just be a page.)
Chose a real or virtual field trip that relates hydrosphere. Maybe our drinking
water….a lake….the list just goes on… You may decide to watch a documentary on a topic related to the hydrosphere and write a review of it.
(You could do some river in the Catskills or something and just write a paragraph
giving some background on the Catskills area in general. Then, a paragraph about
how some of the water from there makes up some of the tap water in Manhattan and how it relates to the hydrosphere. Then, conclude with how pollution affects whatever body of water it is and the importance of maintaining it. )

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