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FINAL ESSAY TEST QUESTION: Since there is only one, 2 part, essay question to a

FINAL ESSAY TEST QUESTION: Since there is only one, 2 part, essay question to answer, please—pause—after reading the Two Part ESSAY– before submitting your response. Let is percolate for a while.
To be effective STRESS MANAGEMENT has to fit your own particular style. Therefore, it is important to develop an understanding of how your coping techniques fit your particular style or philosophy.
EXAMPLE: Metaphorically speaking: Allowing some time to clear my windshield on an icy morning so that I can see my way, safely, as I drive—can be applied to stress management– (rather than trying to drive through a very small clearing on the windshield). If my philosophy is to be in the PRESENT MOMENT— then pausing to gain insights, appreciate someone or something can be applied to MY LIFE IN VERY SPECIFIC EXPERIENCES AND IS EFFECTIVE STRESS MANAGEMENT THAT FITS ME PERSONALLY.
PART I: Viktor Frankl said that everything can be taken away from a person but one thing—the last human freedom—to choose one’s ATTITUDE in any given circumstance.
With that statement in mind, please give examples from the text or class discussions that support how Viktor Frankl’s statement or philosophy has been revealed to you. Give specific examples from your life experiences that highlight the statement by Viktor Frankl in some concrete ways.
PART II: Make a brief statement that will summarize your philosophy of life as it applies to STRESS MANAGEMENT. Using one of your Journal assignments to date—show how you have applied your own philosophy to a particular stressful situation. In other words, put a face on the stress management with your underlying philosophy. As the author has done throughout the text—put a face on it and let it be your face.
Please be specific, personal, creative and reflective in this, two part, essay question.

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