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Final Paper Because this is 400 level course, a final paper (following a literat

Final Paper
Because this is 400 level course, a final paper (following a literature review) should be included.
The final paper should be aimed at a critical evaluation of research supporting and/or refuting
one of the theoretical positions currently under investigation in the areas of cognitive
psychology. Alternatively, this paper may take the form of a research proposal including a more
specific literature review leading to a detailed description of a proposed experiment designed to
test that theoretical position. (Note – this would be only a proposal for a research project, which
would not actually be carried out, due to time constraints and the requirement that all research
be pre-approved by the Saint Leo Institutional Review Board.)
Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is an addiction or abuse to
alcohol, in which it could lead to many risk factors. Alcohol abuse happens
when a person can’t control their desire to keep on drinking. When a person
becomes drunk it affects their behavior as well as their memory. For this
research paper I will be discussing the effects that alcohol has on the memory.
This paper provides an overview of the
effects; alcohol has on the brain and how it affects the memory and functioning
of the brain. These effects include; blackouts and memory lapses,
Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, intoxication effects and developing brain.
Based on past research, it is evident
that alcoholism has taken tall in the society, and experts have taken interest
to study the effects that alcohol poses on an individual’s health especially
the brain. The number of rehabilitation admission has increased tremendously
over time raising both health and social effects on the society hence dire need
to study its effects and come up with effective measures to correct it. A lot
of researches have been carried out to have a deeper understanding on the
effects of chronic alcoholism on the human brain by studying its course during
periods of sobriety, drinking and relapse phase1 . As a result, researchers
have been able to distinguish brain effects that can be corrected over a short
period and those that are permanent. Apart from direct impacts, alcoholism
leads to trauma each affecting the structure of the memory differently. Neurological
effects of alcohol on the brain 3 general health status; influences how it
affects the brain and to what extent2 . This paper will discuss in details the
neurological effect alcohol has on the brain and how each of the listed factors
influences the effects.
The Paper needs to be in APA 7 FORMAT will the following resources used below.
Silva, Camila S.,
Guilherme V. Portari, and Helio Vannucchi. “Antioxidant Treatment and
Alcoholism.” Molecular Aspects of Alcohol and Nutrition, 2016, 119-131.

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